Innovation Upgrade

Our Innovation Upgrade service is an assessment that identifies the restrictions on innovation and provides tailored recommendations to improve your innovation success rate. The service is scalable and modular so can be adapted for you.

The assessment examines the organisational features that impact the success of innovation across five stages of innovation.


The Innovation Upgrade service can be conducted on a whole organisation, a department or an individual service. The price of the Innovation Upgrade will relate to the overall scale.


The assessment includes three modules which can be purchased separately. These include a quantitative survey to understand staff experiences and perceptions that affect innovation, qualitative research with key personnel and a document review which assesses how your policies and procedures affect innovation.

The analysis provides a diagnostic report that identifies specific barriers to successful innovation. We can then work with you to implement changes that will improve your innovation leading to increased value for your customers or service users, and for your organisation.

You can read more about the service here. Contact us to discuss initial scoping for an Innovation Upgrade.