The Improvement Agency

Helping organisations deliver more value
to their customers and service users.

We’re passionate about making things better, which drives everything we do.

We view organisations and their networks as systems for creating and delivering value and we believe that customers are the most important part of those systems. We also believe that people inherently want to learn and to do a good job.

Our approach to helping organisations deliver greater value to their service users is to improve the systems that create and deliver that value. This enables our customers to realise their learning and improvement potential.

We always act in our customers’ best interests and seek to exceed their value expectations. We want to be known for the added value that we help our customers deliver.

The value of public services

We often ask why public services fail to deliver the value that we want them to. The short answer is: because they’re not designed to deliver that value (Thanks Paul!). That might seem surprising considering the service design work and effort that goes into ensuring...

Generating new ideas

I recently read this blog entry by Paul Taylor, which I very much enjoyed, and it got me thinking about the process by which new ideas are generated: I think a route cause of problems with creativity...

Getting innovation out of the gate

In 1965 Gordon Moore, founder of Intel, published a paper that became known as Moore’s Law in which he proposed the number of transistors on a micro-chip would double every year. For many years, predictions have been made about when this acceleration in...