About The Improvement Agency

Having experienced the challenge of delivering value to service users in complex service environments, Andrew Humphreys established The Improvement Agency in 2017 out of a desire to help organisations improve the services they deliver.  Based on design and systems thinking, The Improvement Agency’s purpose is to help organisations deliver greater value to their customers and service users through increased learning and innovation.

Over his five years working in a Service Improvement Team for a national housing provider, Andrew well and truly caught the improvement bug.  The driving force behind The Improvement Agency’s work is the positive impact that improved services have on those who use them.

We measure everything we do by the increased value that is delivered by our customers to their service users.

About Andrew Humphreys

In 2017 Andrew gained an MBA with distinction from Henley Business School, during which he worked with South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust to design and deliver stakeholder research that successfully identified the trust’s key relationship management priorities.

Andrew worked for Hanover Housing Association, a leading provider of older people’s housing, for five years to 2016.  With responsibility for embedding customer engagement, service excellence and value for money into existing practice across Hanover’s operations directorate, Andrew achieved a 91% improvement in resident fundraising and measurably improved the practice of over a quarter of service delivery staff.

Prior to working in housing, Andrew worked for a further education provider managing criminal justice and welfare to work projects, where he improved learning outcomes from 42% to 94% and reduced reoffending rates among criminal justice learners by 10%.  Andrew has also managed services for a national crime reduction charity where he improved services, achieving positive outcomes for 77% of service users.

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About our approach

We place the delivery of value at the heart of everything we do.  We understand that improving services starts and ends with the value they deliver to their users.  Our starting point for improving a service is always to gain an accurate understanding of the value that it needs to deliver to its users and other stakeholders.

We view services, organisations and the networks in which they operate as systems for delivering value and we consider service users to be the most important part of these systems.  Our approach to improving service delivery is to assess the performance of the system and identify opportunities for improvement.

We approach service delivery systems holistically, including their people, structures, policies, culture and equipment (e.g. IT systems) all in our analysis.  We believe people inherently want to learn and to do a good job and this is the basis of how we identify the potential to improve a service delivery system.